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of the Haves and Have-nots into its proper place
as part, as the most distressing part, but still only
as part, of the vast wastage of human resources
that their disorderly exploitation entailed, In
the light of current events they have come to
realise more and more clearly that the need and
possibility of arresting this waste by a world-wide
collectivisation is becoming continually more
possible and at the same time imperative. They
have had no delusions about the education and
liberation that is necessary to gain that end.
They have been moved less by moral impulses
and sentimental pity and so forth, admirable
but futile motives, as by the intense intellectual
irritation of living in a foolish and destructive
system. They are revolutionaries not because
the present way of living is a hard and tyrannous
way of living, but because it is from top to bottom
exasperatingly stupid.
But thrusting athwart the socialist movement
towards collectivisation and its research for some
competent directive organisation of the world's
affairs, came the clumsy initiative of Marxism
with its class-war dogma, which has done more
to misdirect and sterilise human good will than
any other misconception of reality that has ever
stultified human effort.
Marx saw the world from a study and through